Biodigesters Can Save the World

  • Can you think of an issue that is causing multiple problems in your city? (For example, lack of public transportation options forces many cars to use a busy road, causes air pollution, makes the neighborhood less walkable, and cuts off that neighborhood from other neighborhoods)
  • Can you think of an initiative that has solved multiple problems in your city? (For example, expanding a subway line to reach new neighborhood would decrease traffic, increase accessibility to jobs)

Thomas Henry Culhane, Urban Ecologist
Dr. T.H. Culhane is a professor of Environmental Sustainability and Justice at the Patel College for Global Solutions at University of South Florida, Tampa. He is passionate about transforming food waste into fuel and fertilizer, collecting biogas and bioslurry, to not only cook food, heat water and generate clean electricity, but to grow new nutritious food. Culhane is co-founder and president of Solar CITIES Inc., a not-for-profit environmental technology training organization that teaches members of impoverished urban and rural communities around the world how to build their own home and community scale biodigesters and vertical aeroponics food production systems with the goal of eliminating all waste. Culhane lives with and uses these technologies in his daily life at the Rosebud Continuum Eco-Science and Sustainability Education Center in Land O Lakes Florida where he resides.

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