Everything is Happening By God’s Wish Only: Daily Life

Bhanuben describes her daily life (housework, multiple jobs, community leader) and her drive to persevere despite challenges of life in an informal settlement.

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Bhanuben Solanki lives with her husband and daughter in Bhagwatinagar, an informal settlement in Ahmedabad, India. She had a very challenging childhood, and was forced to marry at 13, but excelled in school. She earns a living as an ASHA (health) worker, teaching English, and doing sewing work. She is also an influential Vikasini (Community Leader) who has worked for numerous years supporting women in the community with government paperwork, and petitioning for services and neighborhood improvements from local government (with support from Mahila Housing Trust). She led a an awareness campaign to educate people about importance of voting, what to look for in the candidate when voting to empower community members to participate in the elections.

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