The 15 Minute City

  • Do you agree that it is important for people to be able to walk to all the services they need within 15 minutes, why or why not?
  • Think of a neighborhood that does not have a robust street life, and another that does. Compare them. Why is one lively and the other not? What are the benefits or downsides of each? What is the difference between those neighborhoods?

Ryan Smolar, Co-Founder, Long Beach Fresh Food Council; Initiator, US Placemaking

Ryan Smolar works with local communities and government in California to break down barriers to affordable healthy food and foster opportunities for community connection and new business development at the same time. He describes the power of food councils, and explores various initiatives and approaches that have yielded vibrant public spaces and projects that connect people through food.

Ryan is based in Long Beach, California, USA.

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