Deep Dive Ahmedabad:

Mahila Housing Trust

Inspiring women and equity advocates are transforming the informal settlement of Bhagwatinagar in Ahmedabad, India — through self-advocacy and collective action.

Ahmedabad is the 7th largest city in India, (approx. 8.6 million people) with an estimated 6% of residents living in informal settlements.

The videos on this page feature community members and professionals who work with Mahila Housing Trust (MHT), a local NGO that has been empowering local women in Ahmedabad, India for over 30 years. MHT organizes, educates, and encourages local women to become community changemakers working in collaboration with local government to make the underserved neighborhoods of Ahmedabad more equitable, sustainable, and gender inclusive. MHT has cultivated community action groups, saving collectives, financial tools, relationships with local vendors, in 34 cities across 8 states in India, impacting more than 2 million residents of marginalized informal neighborhoods.

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