Master Class 2:

The Power of Equitable City Planning and Public Spaces

Do we have a plan for equitable and sustainable growth?  How is our urban infrastructure organized, including street grids, pedestrian walkways and bike paths? Is there safe access to green and open spaces for all residents? Do we have common spaces where people from all backgrounds can gather?

City planning design is at the heart of equitable and sustainable urban development. And, vibrant public spaces are essential for ensuring the social, physical and economic well-being of residents. Public spaces, regardless of size, should be attractive, welcoming gathering places for people of all ages —  fostering social interactions, supporting the local economy, encouraging walking, biking and the use of public transport.

Three leading urbansits share their insights, experiences and recommendations for how to develop equitable, healthy cities for all residents.

Ramon Marrades Urban Economist, Director of Placemaking Europe and Founder of Vigla. Based in Valencia, Spain.

Gil Penalosa, Urbanist, Founder and Chair 8 80 Cities, former Commissioner of Parks and Recreation in Bogotá, Colombia. Based in Toronto, Canada.

Ellen Dunham-Jones, Urbanist, Professor, School of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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